I have always been connected to my psychic abilities. I look back now over time and can remember as a young child, when I was being lied to or when something didn’t feel right my inner intuition would step in. This helped me get out of some tricky, even life threatening, situations when I was growing up.

I’m glad the ‘me’ back then listened to her intuition. My life could have  taken a completely different path. I’ve always had an inner strength and survived. No matter how hard things got I always managed to pick up the pieces and strive forward, this unwavering strength put me in good stead for my whole life.

As an empath, it was easy to allow the opinions of others to overpower my thoughts and feelings. Over time I have learned to change this and I now put myself first. This has given me the ability to set boundaries for myself.

Over my life I’ve always had an interest in all things spiritual, but it wasn’t until 2017 till I really had the beginnings of my spiritual awakening. Later that year in November, a close family member passed away suddenly, then things began to open up even more.

It was exactly a year later in November 2018, celebrating their anniversary, out with family and friends my drink was spiked. I collapsed and fell unconscious. Fortunately I was helped out of this situation by others around me. This day was the catalyst and the big jolt to wake up spiritually!

In February 2019,  I went to a spiritualist church (I had been thinking of going for months!) I was lucky enough to get a reading that day from my now  friend Ann. This led me the following Friday to walk into a spiritual  development class run  by Trevor Evans,  without a clue what was about to happen to me!

I  have barely missed a class since. My development has been rapid. My spiritual work includes travelling all around Victoria to Spiritualist Churches and Centres delivering healing messages to the public, doing one-on-one personal readings and teaching students in other development circles. I’m so proud of my achievements so far.

My work has enabled me to become more of  who I truly am in this world. I now use my new-found passion to help others find the truth of who they are too.

I work from my heart, and my journey for all these years has been about healing myself. With this knowledge I can assist and help others heal too.

I don’t allow fear to hold me back anymore. I have learnt some wonderful things about myself and attracted into my life inspiring and equally passionate people.

I now stand in the power of who I truly am.

 NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.

Reiki level 2 Practitioner

Animal Communication

Energy Healing